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Removal Of Fax Machines & Fax Machine Functionality On Multi-Purpose Machines Posted on 6 Feb 2020

The NHS was instructed by the Department of Health and Social Care to stop buying fax machines from January 2019 and to stop using them by April 2020.

By April 2020, health and care services in the Doncaster area will no longer be using fax machines to send or receive NHS or patient communication.

NHS organisations will be required to use modern methods, such as secure email, to improve patient safety and cyber security. Doncaster CCG and its health partners will be supporting the Department of Health directive to end fax usage by 31 March 2020.

This means that nationally GP’s and other NHS organisations are removing fax machines and we willl no longer be able to Fax documents any other NHS organisation. This will also apply to other external organisations; they too must have a secure email address in order to send or receive information.

If you wish to discuss this further then please contact:

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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!