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Test Results

Routine Blood Tests

You may be requested by Doctor or Nurse to have blood tests. You would need to book an appointment for the blood tests with one of our Health Care Assistants who work across both surgery sites, alternatively you can request a form to take to the hospital. This can be done in person, at the reception desk or over the telephone at either surgery site.

Fasting Blood Test

Sometimes you may be asked to fast overnight from 10.00pm and have a blood test in the morning.

Testing for Diabetes

We also provide Glucose Tolerance Test which is a test to check for diabetes. In this test you would be asked to fast overnight and have a blood test in the morning before your breakfast. After this you will be given a sugar drink and a repeat test will be performed in 120 minutes. This is done to check if your body is able to handle sugar in the blood. If you would like to have more information about Tests for Diabetes, then please click here.

Testing for Lung Problems

In order to find out if you are suffering from problems with your lungs you may be requested by your Doctor to have a test called Spirometry. This can be done at either surgery site. This test checks the functional capability of your lungs, for more information about this, please click here.

Blood Tests of Children

If your child needs a blood test then Doctor will arrange an appointment for this at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. You will be given a test request form which you would need to take with you to the Children’s Out Patient Department at the time of your child’s appointment. Specialist nursing staff at the hospital will help your child to have the test they need. Please note that the appointment availability would depend upon how busy the hospital is. We always endeavour to book the earliest appointment available taking into account your availability as well.


Please allow at least seven working days for the results of your tests to be ready. Results are reviewed by the doctor or nurse. You may be given a prescription, invited to see Practice Nurse or Doctor, or may require further tests based on the results and the doctor’s or nurse's advice. Please ring after 2:00pm for results.

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